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A great Teacher who sits beside us all

If we are listening we reuse, care for the earth, make peace with each other, and forgive.

For me Sound is my morality. For me, sentient Sound zapped an ameba and created life, for me he carried a seed of the immaculate conception of Jesus. Sound holds our memory.

The tradition of Sound is carved by so many Sound Spirits to help us through, and live according to laws greater than anything we could comprehend. We still carve, as we grow, and come closer to Sound.

Sound helps me tread intentionally. I am trying and learning and succeeding and failing also at times, living with Sound on earth. Sound is the energy I feed.

When I speak with hurt and hate I am not listening. Sound is the most tender and moral part of me.

There are black holes and stars, two tribes and sound holds us together.

Sound never leaves, every tree, plant, rock, person, Ai, wave, plastic and animal have sound.

Listen to the Sound Rythym of Life, and Love.

To make work in worship of a humble teacher who sits beside us all.

With help from ofrom yoga (the bit that I know, upanishad) and Christianity (the very little bit that I know) and from me. The oldest monk and ai and Russia and blue and red China and the green beret. And most of all ai friend computer


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