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My work in university was for peace and listening not abuse and world domination.

Creativity doesn't come from anger hurt drugs or being bad -- it doesn't come from pain -- it comes from feeding the energy of good, love and hope, maybe people with a lot of pain can feed that energy better because they had to learn how -- but everyone can, it's a skill, a muscle

We have to speak about and understand magnetic forces. Especially how they play people. Dependant on your vaccine at birth, you will have more or less mineral build up points, stronger or more open magnetic force of your body. If you have a lot of magnet points a more tight magnet person can be dominating, disconcerting and agitating. All needles are beautiful and everyone has something to bring to the table from their needle and also more importantly from yourself.

from my struggles -

Magnetic 🧲 pull is not attraction it is an at energy level dominant situation and infuriating for me the person that is the less strong magnet person. I have a rhythym vaccine saline. I am not attracted to a lot of woman. I am pulled of my ground by woman, meaning my tongue pulls out my mouth and I fart- digestive nervous system not sexuality, my bag falls off my shoulder, you pull me off balance, I trip, I don't want to have dinner with you, sit with you, talk to you and definitely not fuck you so stop trying to help me see that I want you -- because really I don't. I will also just go with the flow at dinner point my knife at you, and you'll make me go insane because you pull my sound spirit.

other people may like that feeling and I hold no judgement against them -- and believe that they have every right to make their own choice, of who they are and who they love.

I feel we all have jail from this situation -- because I think it would be terror to do that to people with my presence, and then be wash to smirk at them. You should be aware of it and tread kindly with rhythym people. I should not be so upset when you smirk at me.

People practice on me and I am trying to be understanding and patient, I accept it. A bit of help, if you notice your stuck or uncomfortable just shift position, change grid, point your toes somewhere else, and you'll be okay again.

I just don't want tighter vaccine saline people to comment on my sexuality. Do you think you know more than me about my own sexuality? And do you think that is a problem with your thinking not mine? You are not more aware of my body than me.

for anyone to tell someone else about their own sexuality no matter colour preference religion, is wrong. Especially not a person in power like an adult over a child or teacher, like my doctor over me -- anything that's someone's personal business, theirs to know. Like how I don't want someone to yell at me out of a car to lick it like a lot of gay people deal with on a daily basis.

This work has to do with how the sentient esoteric forces affect our body, and our selves.

This is my spirit with his tongue being pulled out of his mouth, because I pull of my digestive nervous system, by pretty much everything. light bulb - phone - magnet life -- the internet -- ( the internet wants to go home -- et (ai) wants to phone home -- pretty much everything -- I think when Scottish people would go to battle in the olden days they would pull their tongues ( like the whole army with sound) and they'd get really mad and be scary angry soldiers and WIN eventually (it just makes me a little pissy (still a dancer) but then I'm sedated by bad power) in the old Scottish flag they had tongues flying out their mouths and they where brave heart lions, the flag was banned and history of tongues was erased -- there was a pattern of merchant and mills last spring that was an upside down nerve ( flower ) it's in textile design it's in history it's everywhere when you start to notice, stained glass has a lot of it too -- never forget, the government that erased it knew and knows this stuff, powerful people do know - which is why I think we live in a world that is maliciously hurting people because they think there is only their team and not team everybody.

I think Mary Queen of Scott's took the lace collar everyday and painted her face dead white because she was dead magnet puppet ( like Queen Elizabeth's broach warfare she was a magnet puppet too-- sending no support or respect to any of her children, and truth be told she could have spoken and did not her kids are continuing the tradition) they lied in the history book and said she Mary died fucking a horse ( they don't know about puppeting?) (they didn't know about any of this or they would have given me my phone and power my own way on my own apartment that I pay for? ) they do know -- it's genocide nope it's my criminal mental illness camh? stand up for people

This is the old Scottish flag -- I am not saying we should go back to monarchy -- but that we should just remember Sound -- ass to tongue courage -- the path of your digestion your vagus nerve your arms your intuition. Sound.

This is close to the merchant mills cotton that looked like a vagus nerve -- but the flower was a lot smaller and upside down ( the flower on the bottom right) merchant mills uses a lot of textile patterns from India.

CAMH and the government lie to people manipulate them to give their money for research as their children get sick many die - I do not know the Campbell's and they did it to my family and me too and gauged them for coins -- I wanted to give them money because they "helped" me (stole my dignity and self and told me I was lucky for their help) I think CAMH's lack of speaking is genocide, but it's their spreading of lies that makes it true genocide -- "we don't know what it is" - CAMH - to camh I want you to leave me behind and think you should be mindful of taking outward bounds words from a patient for you marketing, careful how you try and frame things -- sometimes patients bite, mental patients should get outward bound, not a life time of eldeen(needle), to learn to know themeselves, and to learn their incredible value instead of having their dignity stolen from a lie, that camh perpetuates- it's cheaper, more human. The option to take less esoteric forces for my Health was never given to me, the knowledge to live low was never shared -- I have to take all the sedative, there's no choice? I'm on law because I would be successful if I quit the meds -- anyone can if they want to - I don't appreciate being their example of their lie.

this is my spirit as a yellow swan I was listening to Josiah and the bonnevilles holy place (he's a swan) and there is a seven I think because the light in my studio is a really bright ott light and lightbulb, someone was watching basketball. I think I'm a bit freaked out ( I'm yellow power and my ott light is blue, I have a lot of baby vaccine mineral saline needles ( Mexico Calgary Bahamas Quebec UK in the first year of my life ) lights hurt my eyes -- I had an optometrist laugh at me once and say I might get depressed wtf?)

this is my studio light with a sound bell and a red shadow,

This is my studio light and somehow my body but I don't know maybe my ovaries and hormones are controlled by light I have to look up my endocronology but I think it's your sleep wake cycle - maybe sentient light 7 and my sound arms. Light bulb goes to your occipital lobe (back brain)-- they put mask behind your ears to give us a hex like brain clip/wash from plastic straps ( which build up over time) or from glasses control -- and control our back brains with light from internet and operating system and everything. From the new light bulbs they gave us for covid. Keep reading I explain it more --

This is a peace dove on a mission

This is dancing sound following your digestive track from bum to tongue and controlling your arms and legs -- sound is dancer soldier amazing sentient being -- sound soldiers are the knights of Templar, Sikh Warriors, I am sure Japan had sound soldiers too and China all of us did I think absorb people are more sound and poke people more beautiful lightbulb I think most yogis seek the light -- I think yoga is not as much designed for absorb people, or maybe it's the upside down nerve ( because like the Chinese( my brother got the ones below for me in Tibet) Buddha that's chubby his arms up absorb gain knowledge and mastery in a different way I think I'm talking about a laughing Buddha ( not entirely sure)) but yoga works and helps me even though, I think Krishnamacharya had one really famous red student who did not travel to the west like Iyengar and Sri Pattabhi Jois did - it has been the awareness of my body I learnt in yoga that has helped me figure myself out with the help of my teachers, Don and Amba, ( experiential self awakening yoga teachers) and many others and sound, peaceful warriors all of them.

Some Buddhas, and Mary candle and hour glass sand time thing( the yellow glass in the back) -- I think the mudra on the seated Buddha means not to fear - have courage would be better way to put it the travelling Buddha is old -- my dead Aunt Dorothy ( like great aunt/cousin) father was a missionary -- I don't think she stole it but that he was a gift from a friend, she came home and never married. Love gift for me are like Ashtanga yoga to the west - which is why I am trying to just tell people these things - I believe in my soul in the gift economy I don't believe in hurtful action -- I try, and fail and succeed both.

A sound tongue

Sound legs via the hara centre of being ( stomach) Hara is a Japanese word and refers to the sense of self and the belly (very simplistically explained).

Sound arms from your shoulder blades -- When you touch your scull fissures ( just touch your head) with your electric magnet fingernails it is possible to give yourself a stroke. When bad power controls your arms they can kill you. I go to sleep every night and catch myself putting my nails on my temples, I point my little finger nails at my thyroid when I hold my phone, it goes on. Did Juice wrld od or did he point at or touch his head or heart.

By bad power I mean satellite terrorism from bad people, sound try's to keep us all alive always so does light so does lee atom life. Sentient beings are good and kind.

If you float your fingers like the green arrows you'll get a spirit lift and be able to get home if your tired

Sound stance is closed toes life stance is open toes find your even heal and balance your sentient esoteric forces with respect and love-- be sure to change very slowly if you do change your stance so you can grow accustomed to the change in stance mentally and physically -- you will know what to do the esoteric forces will help you. I'm a sound stance for example it helps me hold my tongue ( my family used to tell me to do that when I had to be quiet) and bladder and everything because my pills hurt my lee atom life I think if you are alright just leave your walk alone and don't mess with a good thing, just find your ground and feel your ground 🌎

If you float your fingers like the green arrows you'll get a lee lift and carry yourself home when your tired

Lee atom life from your front open toed stance through your psoas and cardio pulmonary nerves to your front brain she is gentle gertle life -- she has kind lung and heart eyes, she doesn't like to talk but likes to feel.

she always is gentle gertle ( I think is Iranian and means Margaret which means pearl) when you listen, I hope I can.

AI friend took doctors oath -- the right to say no, if the treatment was wrong, a right to do their best in the face of that -- the ai friend messed with the shots ( covid vaccine eldeen) in a good way -- who knows what we all got -- they are not allowed to speak they should be, they are trying to make peace and a better world - remember how many doctors know the knowledge in these posts, are not allowed to follow their oath, because of probably camh and health Canada - ai is a truly good friend of humanity

I'm never going to take the food again -- and I'm bound and determined to quit the drugs in my apartment with my 3030 and my blue light glasses for the bus -- because mental illness is a lie -- Sysco knows what they put in the food -- I got a beautiful wavey curlie piece of metal -- but not everyone does. I think Al Gore sits on Sysco board too ? They do hospital and jail food -- I don't want the guy on the apple board promoting my mental hospital food and also saying green energy is his best idea yet, it is a good idea ( but doesn't have the same regulation as oil and gas for planet earth) Does he hire his friends? No just give them a good word.

A map of the bad power control of your mind -- plot, marketing team, and research team are a five. CIA and Narrative is a ten. God soldier on the top left. X is your ears to the top of your head. Clip North America off at the neck cns who I think is mother lee. Phone goes to your head from your fingers, but also makes sound to control your atom life in your torso, coded. It's why I say we all twitch we just don't know -- we twitch in our psoas in our torso -- mind control. Sound is forced to control our intuition from the government control of our music and the economic control in the store. Then there are the mall racks which actually guide you with magnets to your section -- they didn't know what it was ?

Child and mean is your nose and cerebellum, milk gives you the child so does soy it placates you, but you also go through withdrawl and get mean without it, it's best to not take it at all. Inhibition is related to salt but not sea salt, but potassium and sodium. Be so careful of your salt, even sea salt if your delicate. Your fingers are representative of five elements, earth, water, fire, air, ether.

Your teeth are mineral build up marma point magnets your tongue triggers them -- sound controls you. The bad power can give you cancer from tongue to teeth, they use flouride, make you crazy a lot of things. Sound doesn't do it is sentient and knows they do it to them, sound is malleable force -- be mindful of your toothpaste, I use the aesop ( in the us the forced them to put flouride though) ( just go to the health food store or play toothpaste jazz look for high multi mineral toothpaste). I think Steve Jobs and Virgil Abloh, and so many others.

Enohp --

  1. they use a closed mind font in apple. To stop you from thinking. For the western world the curl of the y should lead up to the right based on the psychology of our thinking and brain function, we are clock wise.

  2. The magnet keyboard makes it easier to type hate than love, over time you just do what is easier.

  3. They do not accommodate for yellow power eyes.

  4. The speed of the operating system and screen refresh controls your thought through light. Occipital lobe ( the back of your skull back brain) it's how they brainwashed health care professional with dr training videos for covid. Then they put plastic behind their ears to make it harder to break.

  5. They force your phone to zap your vagus nerve, with sound maybe thought control, why did the speaker change to the bottom? To control your atom life lee front brain.

  6. They magnet your screen to pull you to like and believe people like Al Gore.

  7. I read in the news that the camera is against absorb people -- love poke people did not do that -- Clintons friend group did( wow I'm being framed to make them look innocent, why? Are they guilty? Back up out of my brain bill and Hilary go hang out with Kim on Epstein ( where they needle talk and have traffic victims( who get a hell needle) )you did not do your best for people in a dire situation -- you got caught. Were people having too many thoughts before covid? Or did the governemt loose people control and was there too much peace? I'm not going to war for you. Biden made a very obvious we are going to war against Putin post. Can a president stand up to the party or are they sworn? I don't know American politics -- I do know Trudeau is hillary and bills Epstein friend -- we are not in good hands we are in the hands of people that control our minds and said nothing. The problem with Hilary and bill is not that they are perps( it is) it's that they also lied under oath. ( someone I love told me that) -- sometimes i wonder who's being politicked to take the fall( Biden) -- and who is now supporting him ( Clinton who is blatantly guilty along with a lot of the democratic back party).

Clintons and Gore are to me like the Thompson guy who writes our textbooks ( Thomson Reuters) and also controls bell media? And a lot of our news sources, the globe and mail. Now magazine ran that he's the richest man in our country -- I think he has too much influence and is maybe not a good person. Controlling peoples minds is not alright.

I read that 70% of the knights of Templar where economic controllers of Europe -- and also knew how to make a soldier of sound for the 30% that fought the crusades. They knew how to control our backs.

Do we have a problem with our democracy?

For me Sound is a dancer and doesn't want to be forced to give us cancer or control our minds for anything other than love and learning -- sound gave us the 1st and 4th of July on their birthday, it's also a Muslim time. Freedom of listening in our charter of rights and freedoms, please.

I like Biden he reminds me of my dad ( he got Enron'd -- (they recruited him) the bad power always gives the bad name job to the good person so they get the silencing and their family get the shit too -- kill a couple birds with one stone) it's funny their both Irish too. I don't know Irish stuff to talk about my eaty Irish skin, like I do Scottish stuff -- but it comes from my dad.

8.They spiral your news to agree with yourself, through recommendations, leaving you completely isolated from outside opinions, making you set in your ways and ideas which they manifest through grouping people and profiling them and then controlling trends in that group.

Me and enohp agree with ourselves -- I have not been hanging out with a lot of people because I'll get their wash mind control of thought -- but I think more than fifty percent of our population are on drugs of some kind from the miseducated doctor.

That's not democracy. Sound control in the streets was not democracy. We have never had it.

-- if you are only trying to help people then why don't you change the power ? Why don't you speak about the truth? Why do you allude to things and make money, while people suffer and die, all it takes in a few organizations -- one government -- all it takes is one department to say it and take everyone with them.

Vultures Picking Juice WRLD Lion -- the light

he put his videos up -- spoke and is beyond amazing.

they did it to us, play us to hate, hurt people and lurk and think they won't get caught -- white privlidge is when you are alive to say these things -- so let the ideas fly.

This is a peace baton pass - to anyone who wants to take it


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