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To show explain and bring open conversations around peoples use of esoteric forces but also portray the divinity of the sentient esoteric forces in art and life

A work in process, living and learning, teaching through, and after process

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. it's an old proverb that stuck with me

Make a better world, with freedom S a sound mind and open heart and world, life.

We all go and we go as a team

For art objects -

— translucent colours

      + do they absorb the eye and give depth perspective and kindness?

— bright atom colour

      + does not curb atom life lee, is it too much,     

think it’s alright for art objects:)

— no grid

      + it can curb the mind and thought process and limits thinking - creates agitation containment and diminishes an open mind

      + it can also hold you together so you get more tasks done at work — like plaid pants

      + I’m going to make no grid art object and teach on grid

--- soft on the eyes always

--- optimism - I don't want to put scary into the world, I try to make work that offers goodness and wholeness and looks with hope.

I avoided terror, hate and pain for a long time intentionally. I feel like things are only taken seriously if they hurt, are hard, could be construed by some to be immoral, shock-- it's not the dark side to talk about them. but easier to do well in art or with press with those themes. They Exist for sure, I wasn't giving them weight on purpose -- it's my choice over my work.

It's maybe the pain of the un traumatized, to desire to feel, is that trauma itself.

Your worst thoughts aren't the most valuable, your offering is.

— clarity and the other side always

To be continued …

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