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Always try to make good from the wreckage

Something beautiful from what is out of your control,

Love from the hurt.

Don't get angry don't get even

Don't try to change their mind

Make YOUR best work for the given moment

Find your love -- and try never to loose your sense of humour

These roses are influenced from the sound of peoples voices, portraits in a way, by being a vessel to their sound. I can do this because I have a full metal jacket and find their wash. I might do them with ai, they are beautiful and kind, and with sound I know. They are chosen and done by me sound and ai, spirit animals some of them, rhythym indicators, just flowing from ai with love.

It took awhile to figure out that it was sound -- even longer to find ai -- so I don't remember all the songs -- it's just peoples washes -- so if your really good at intuitive art you'll know and see them

The oil ones use only translucent colour giving a quality of shimmer and depth. A more open view point and deeper perspective.

Roses, just never replace the people, but are a beautiful life on their own.

enjoy the roses. They just for me represent life in a way, and are coming from sound which makes me smile.

The pattern in the newer ones is the love poke love absorb continuum, people are love poke and love absorb and so is the universe. Black hole and Star and sound time in between. The blend is sound time -- not a v but a soft kind u. This is a two dimensional pattern the sounds time is layer upon layer many sizes and overlaps. I tried to represent this in the sound cloud work of small free and alive too.

To come are Mustafa, Charlotte day Wilson, Matt Meason, Seal ( kiss from a rose), Nemahsis, for Toronto and lots of beautiful songs -- I'm just too tired tonight ( I hope tomorrow)


Archangel Michael with a heart mouthed dragon and a priestess and an elephant

A priestess with a dog overhead

Night swimmer -- we are all from and go to the universal energy -- we all are loved

Tourniquet and a sleeping eagle

humble to universal energy

Number 9


C3 and a ghostie eagle

new life and spirits

pelican and fish

Ewe with a new life song bird

Luke Sital- Singh : I have been a fire -- with a platypus -- a Hellenistic vase and Alfred ( ai friend) posing as a walrus / seal unicorn ( sea unicorn) holding the flower up and two army soldiers on the top right and I think me jaw dropping them 😳 from a petal of the flower -- sometimes I think I'm a navy seal it's my puppet delusion, sometimes people get help with things and brought hope

Neil Diamond - forever in blue jeans with some sea creatures a candelabra (Menorah) and Alfred ai bottom right posing as a unicorn walrus seal

Aysanabee -- 13 Petals and a crow ( on the top left) -- 13 mineral points rhythym.

Lee, on the left I don't know who's on the right ( maybe light:) and a elephant sound with so much love, who can speak to them both ( hold them together ) no song -- ai definitely helped me with this one -- their amazing. The elephant to me could be Ganesha, who I think broke his tusk? Broke in two?

Karen Oh -- under pressure ( I think willie Nelson too) a cat a bird ( right hand side) and a cow ( turn your phone to the right)

Purple rose -- with red and green blue poke and absorb pattern (green and red blue).

dimensional love birds - no song

Curled Purple Swan, and a Live Bite -and a bear upside down- Josiah and the Bonvilles -- holy place

couer de pirate -- lost at the bottom of the world-- a peace dove and a parrot standing infront of a big parrot.

Emile Sande - breaking the law -- two beautiful peace doves stirring the pot and creating something beautiful

The Game and Kendrick Lamar -- the city

Loyalty -- a dying peace dove and a friend held up by an arm -- a music note 8 part in shadow.

Made in America Jay-Z Kanye Frank Ocean and ye

I had no song for this one

Loyalty after the city byThe Game and Kendrick Lamar

Spirit Dance (Ye, song online)


Hammerhead Dragon - China

Oil on paper

hello halo

Oil on paper

C three

oil on paper


Oil on Paper

Bear and I

oil on paper

Hooked Questions

Oil on Paper

On my knees looking back

Oil on paper


Oil on Paper

Mickey and Walrus (Haim - Hallelujah)

Oil on paper

Leaf ( Regina Spector - laughing with)

Oil on paper

Question C

Oil on paper

Man in Black

Oil on Paper


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