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What is Reality?

Who is the Judge?

My reality is atomic visibility, I love it, I see the truth, but the sound cloud took it away for now. For me, the sound cloud, life, and my chosen family are the judgments I listen to, and give me check.

Societies judgement is agreed on in a democracy. However, why is it so rare that those being judged are in the position to draw the lines?

Do other people have the right to JUDGE who you are?

I think so, but you don't have to be affected by it. I try not to judge others as I know it is a self serving action that lifts the judge, I still do it at times, reaching for better, but I am not sure I want to leave the world of discernment.

I am not a person who is absolutely certain, about anything. I love the shaky ground making me easy to judge. I'm sensitive to those judgments too, because I am not certain, I love I don't know. ~ just some thoughts.


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