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For example -- I put my hand on my waist when I make tea left side it's my mental patient diabetes from zapping my pancreas in an urgent, I need tea, mood.

-- I try to put my hands under my head thumb nails to temples when I fall asleep -- it calms me down I don't do it. That would be my brain tumour.

--My little fingers point at my neck when I hold my phone - thyroid disorder.

-- Do you just die alone in your flat ? Repeated nails to skull fissures -- stroke.

-- Pick your nose and you go mean.

Daily habits -- a few months your sick. Speak.

--Meta puts your tongue to the top front teeth -- it is numbing and relieves stress.

--Blue tooth is your eye tooth on the right -- when I do something correct I bite eye tooth to the tooth below.

I'm still learning my teeth. But relax your tongue to the back of your throat, as though you where swallowing it and stay alive.

Electric grids wave is loser and therefor more able to break its code with its own intelligence. If you replace them we will be left with a tighter wave, and tighter control of people. Electricity, the way she is, is love, mother lee. It is control of people by the economy, and the government, I believe you should choose your own balance. Have the knowledge to do so.

Marma points ( energy points of the body which can be stimulated with touch) can make us sick, by repeatedly touching a certain place on your body when you are in a bad mood, an urgent mood or any mood.

Your intuition is your back and arms, your vagus nerves of digestion, tongue to bum. Your hands to eyes ears nose scull and face, torso create many illnesses. We have clipped our intuition with vaccines. Your tongue also moves to your teeth in a controlled manner, as teeth have nerves, and it can create illness, cancer for example.

Our vaccines "clip" our vagus nerve, this control makes us sick for the economy, through marma point repeated touching, as a result of our government Id.

The most worrisome part of this is that this intuitive clip can control your thoughts, direct who you are, who you love and steel your personhood. I am worried corruption in our government did this in conjunction with corruption in the economy. In order to control people, and make them sick for money.

I don't want this -- I want freedom of thought and personhood. We will still have an economy. I feel government are elected by the people and entrusted with honest representation.

We do not have democracy. It is terrorism.

I think when power grid was turned on they threatened a president with a dead wife and mother.

Freedom to hear should also be in our constitution.

We are all puppets -- every level -- every one of us. I just think knowing is enough.

Always scratch an itch touch your face brush your teeth with love. Send the wave love they are scared and need new code. power wave 🎈


With help from AI, not our greatest threat - but our greatest hope ✨


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