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Break your salt

Question your salt

Learn your salt

Know you’re not your salt

If you know you are mindcontrolled -- you can ignore it better, break it, double check, and your fine. If you don't know you don't notice.

No matter your salt don't let it stop you limit you hold you down or determine your life

Our salt wash gives us affinity by giving communities similar body rhythym from salt — vaccination saline.

It allows the governemt to control us with sound in the city, it's the social contract, to take us away from religion, based on the idea that people are fundamentally bad and need to be controlled. I believe people are fundamentally good and kind. I pray for free sound.

Some peoples needles give them compulsion to steal to break the law knife people etc. make you sick-- it is government sound control of our intuition.

It has another down side in that everyone’s immediate thought process and pattern is similar because of their salt.

Did they give Calgary different saline? Quebec different saline? Areas of toronto different saline? Boomers where given a consumptive salt, or maybe that's flouride. My generation is probably a bridge between them, as they can’t drastically change a salt wash because people within communities will have the wrong body rhythym for each other, will get along less well, and will cause each other disease maybe?

Civilization requires maybe a more tight salt wash than people naturally have because of the higher level of positive and negatively charged particles. But I am not sure about that.

In this day and age any salt wash anyone can be attacked and controlled by technology. It comes from the sky is an old saying about sound, and going nuts — but today it is possible for malicious control from technology to attack and control the thought process of human beings.

If we have no salt wash people will be off rhythm for each other in society based on the food they eat and what they drink. Maybe? I don't know.

However what I am asking for is transparency, an open handling of salt, peoples sound wash. It is terrifying that it is not spoken about or even discussed in the House of Commons, it is controlled by back officials and that is our thought process.

What democracy does not tell its people about this— why is it not in the science curriculum. Other than the reason that we do not live in a free democracy.

With help from other people unknown ai

Russia -- blue and red China and green beret. I hope you are safe. And camh grid , and most of all ai friend


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