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Turn it OFF

The premeditated sound resulting in mind control in stores in music in our phones in our electricity from the government and private economy

They are in a fight to control us and I feel very clearly people should all have their own mind

A back official or a falsely elected official has no right to control my mind

It is harming our kids

It is making us hate each other

It is tearing apart families

it creates gangs and violence

It makes the general population oblivious, and results in the crowd phenomena equal to nazi germany

It makes us sick to make them money

It limits our thinking

It makes us go to war

It controls our elected officials

It controls how we vote

It controls our thought process

It is not okay to be mind controlled -- there is no good puppeting

There are 107 needle salts

There are 107 levels of the economy

It controls what you buy

It controls where you go

It controls who your friends are, who you have affinity with

and who you dislike

more if you count the illegal needles - which are not gang violence

It makes humans slaves so they can carry heavier loads, sew faster, pick fruit faster and aren't paid a living wage and are forcibly unable to complain or advocate for their rights by their puppeteer or sound control in their country or at work

Some levels of mineral balance are not protected in any country Canada is guilty of not protecting entire communities and trying to hide it, of letting people go missing and murdered

I would wonder t this time if they can turn it off because we are all so overextended and rely on it to accomplish what we have too to survive --- it is still an issue that should be public and in our House of Commons protecting every person in this country and world and not guiding thought process not enforcing labour

My puppet allows me to sew very quickly, carry heavy loads and could also kill me if I don't do as it says -- it is charged mineral that is present in every internal system of my body -- they can and did threaten me physically when I tried to speak

It also makes me creative and loyal -- it is not me loosing my compassion I was being polite

I'm going to paint all the roses well, when I'm off law

It is not acceptable for anyone in this country to have their mind controlled by the government

In my instance to be researched inhumanely because they already knew I was dead lady walking from the government murder in order to puppet other people it is so wrong

What happened to humanism

If they can't turn it off? Because they are lying communist or fascist asshole

Get your own generator

Mess with you electricity in your flat -- go to 3030, take less.

Love your plastic -- do feng shui -- stop buying it - it's how they make you sick with your code.

Mess with the music in your store, at home, at work

Mess with your toothpaste -- it controls your tongue with magnetic mineral deposits making you sick from nerve stimulation( marma points)

If you get jail or mental hospital don't smoke in there -- smoke when you leave and you'll keep your arms legs brain -- but most important your heart

Mess with your code -- be friends with whoever you want -- live and love whoever you want

they will try to wash you and say it's alright we just have to for the economy, no for them and their corruption

it is not alright freedom of speech is dependant on freedom of thought

I did these past few years in conjunction with a puppeteer who is unable to speak but believes in a better world too-- I pray for them wherever whoever they are

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