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you could be paranoid, but could you be right?

Does your electricity and the VACCINATION salts you are given in the first few years of your life cement the mineral/ chemical deposits in your body for life?

Do these mineral and chemical deposits create your life long body rhythm?

Does your rhythm give you more and less affinity for different people?

Was there a power play? Like as far back as 1940’s ? Did they play us?

Did someone mess with the electricity of the world, within other countries and countries within themeselves? to keep us apart? Keep those with less historical affinity from making peace?

Was it a plot to world domination? Or is it just different breakers and generators and grids and stuff, I think there might have been some malicious intent.

We could make electricity universal- we could also just be aware and act more kindly to people from different places, they have different body rhythm.

Is knowing enough? I think so.

With help from other people unknown

I'm just praying, because apathy is the real devil, that someone in government will say it out loud. Pictures in the news aren't there ever -- it's how they placate us, WORDS and PEACEFUL ACTION, not your tie colour

Russia and red China green beret and camh grid and ai friend computer ❤️


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