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Isreal is puppet. They are puppeting people to antisemitism, via intuitive control from your phone -- it is war creating action from very bad people. Protest for peace, always for peace.

It builds anger, when my tongue is pulled out of my mouth. So just hold it back and be quiet? The flag is a symbol of distress, no one is alright we have to fight for our democracy, we need freedom of sound and hearing in our law, and we need to help others too.

Where does old hate stem from? lack of understanding. We're different, we have different static. We can get along. they play it with needle vaccine.

Love of clarity, if you don’t know why, or what, how can you understand, you fall to hate more easily. Powerful people know all of this and play it.

It is bad power behind the scene -- no one country did this, there are really bad people in this world and they don't show their face, they are not on Forbes list, they are criminal and not honest and they play us all.

Love rules this house, our house, planet earth. Don’t fall to hate, no matter how much you don’t understand, how hard, how mean. How much love is in this world, and in this city? So much, the more we understand each other, the more we will see, humans being.

I thought I was well educated, but I never knew about the beauty of absorb and poke and rhythym and so many more. Please don't look away, or look away if you get stuck, it's all fine, when you see me, poke is how I live, I like I to be zapped, just not by massive amounts of electricity, and light, but music, music just lets me flow. Do you see me, I’m scary ( easy to frame) I absorb electricity and yell. I get floated around by a beautiful song. I am from the other side.

love absorb, and love poke. Some of us, absorb, some of us poke, some of us sing, so many different things. Not men and woman -- but the static rhythym of our bodies, we have so many differences, it's just one.

Are we miseducated, is absorb characteristic "illness" in this world? Should we look twice at what we think? I think it's gross scale, systemic, genocide. Isreal and Palestine have absorb peoples -- they play us to create war, play our static.

We have different static. Love poke, and love absorb. Vaccine binding agent rythyms, so many variables, Yellow old power or blue new power, old yellow is more static, and harder to get along with each other it caused all the war of twentieth century, easier to play, and suffer more in blue electricity.

We all have different static. Blue electricity people have less static.

Can we static love each other? It’s love, it’s atomic understanding. Music evens our static too, keep it playing.

If you know it, you see it, you don't hate, you think, oh, they have different static, I should be more polite, and send it straight out of your heart.

Would 99% of people just be more polite? I believe so. Its happening on the bus, a small group will be mean-- the rest will have your back, and leave you alone. It’s why I do love my home Toronto, we are a static mixture, of love, for the most part.

Could this world not play us against each other? I don't care your static level, can we be aware of static, and just be friends, or keep polite distance.

Can love poke see something for me, I absorb their poke, it’s nice, but I absorb electricity, I absorb light, sometimes it’s too much for me. I freak out. I need the sun glasses, and less electricity please, they don't make glasses that block like 40% full spectrum, or make a lighter fuse for my own home, can I just have lighter power in my own home? I absorb it, I don’t want too. You can buy an adapter at an electric specialty store - but not the fuse itself.

Can the whole world see, absorb are kind people, beautiful people, cultured people, so are poke, kind and beautiful, and cultured. Beautiful blue electricity art, is amazing, so is yellow electricity art, so is absorb art, so is poke art. Who are we, all different every last one, and all the same.

Then we bury history, forget and don’t know, so we can do it to each other again. Never burn a book, never tear a wrong down - talk about it, write more books build more buildings make more art.

Can we manner politely. Can we bury the hatchets? bury our weapons and make peace. Could a history text book see the other side? Could you stop dropping bombs? Could we share? Could we share that which is most dear to us, closest to our heart, with someone that pokes us, or absorbs us? Someone different from us.

Could we see Pietra, and the Temple of Hatshepsut? Could we see the other side, and not tear it down?

Assia Djabar, wrote Fantasia, and included all the history, all the perspectives, even that of the French.

Clarity, and love please. We have to share our Mother Earth, we can. Can we share our holiest places, or most sacred, our history is that of humans being and it belongs to us all.

We sat down. With love, and faith, any faith, they all say love your neighbour, cause no hurt, this world belongs to us all.

I wrote this in winter of 22 - and changed it a bit today.

I figured this out and when I did, I was so mad and I couldn't speak, my heart was murder. The ideas just match the old sayings my grandparents left me, my parents too. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes (it's plastic and they are feeding you a lie), three kids in a sandbox and you have politics, stuff like that.

I'm trying to tell you what I figured out the best way I can, I feel it I see it everyday -- I am not allergic to people my nose runs from static, I raise my eyebrows at people -- I do -- it's the light I can't relax my face, they just go up, put my hand on my belly, I cough around people, I can't stop it, get magnet arm and don't grop people, it's not my mental health, we can't have mental health disorders for static.

I just think that if you understand it's enough.

I personally want peace, don't let them play you to hate anyone (they played India partition, they played Check., they played the Arab world, they played America, republican and dem ( tight and smooth and harder to break) have different needles they don't pull together, China blue Shanghai against yellow electricity Beijing) Russia has a weak stomach wash ( their hara and sense of self), they played them too (with vaccine and electricity and lines in the sand)they silenced Germany east and west, they where puppet they where brainwashed, it is maleable for all of us, just be yourself (with our old static get along less well which has become cultural) they played us all to hate each other, they just want war and to control us.

They put magnets around the borders of countries that speak (fence), Afghan and Haiti for example, I think Isreal may have a fence, there are magnets on the coast of NYC I took the boat around the island I felt them, the air can't flow over the rocks, on the north east I think not Manhattan, across the river, it was a new children's park, it is the building code, and give them earth quakes. Don't let them play you or who you are every group of people in this world has beautiful poke and beautiful absorb and beautiful rhythyms all their own.

They hack Oman wind farms and control the weather, puppet them, keep their people down and us down, we just have to pray and take action for peace. I am going to say it is not even a terrorist organization with a name -- it is very bad people and you've never heard their name, they are not puppet. We all are.

Retaliation is never okay--dropping a bomb is never okay-- EVER -- hurting someone is never okay -- guide back love -- ahimsa non violence

Pull is when people turn to puppets from a satellite in the sky, I am one. Pull can also be control of us with sound in the store and on the street in corilation with our vaccine, with magnet mall racks that attract the mineral balance of our bodies, do you buy what your rhythym tells you to?

I think there is a grey line about responsibility for my actions -- is it me? Or is it the satellite signal? They also mess with your id code, which changes your behaviour. and can control peoples initial impulse thought about you. You do it to yourself -- because they control you with a satellite signal. A lot of world leaders are puppets like actually not in possession of their full heart capacity, do not topple them -- help them get along. They are puppeting countries and people playing our hates, the leader shits himself if he tries to fight it and winds up in hospital ( Netanyahu and Putin are among them), armies are puppets, soldiers are, people are, we have to see each other we are all being controlled

My phone doesn't capitalize Israel any more -- we are all being pulled to antisemitism, we are being pulled to hate and war by code (intentional crowd control by people) not by sound or wave and should only and always protest for peace there is only team peace-

I couldn't type love for like three years , they can make it faster to type hate than love in the hardware of your phone - it controls your intuition.

I have white and money privilege--I had an apartment and food when they where trying to kill me -- they didn't catch me infront of the ago -- they didn't kick me out of my country - I'm culturally not afraid of the police, I'm afraid of the good doctor they ar puppet around me, but still are not scary- I've had a life of love -- enough people know me that I hoped they would hear me -- I did my best I'm not perfect -- I'm trying because we have to speak and I could and I had a lot of help a lot,

People that know something get turned against by people that love them and their community and framed in the news if they have a platform and try to speak

I knew one thing -- a lot of people that could change what I'm trying to say in these essays have no idea about it none

I think we all have different needles so we don't loose our difference -- it's our ability to empathize our ability to create different things and different worlds together if we all take the same we'll just be boring, we just have to make peace with different people, and move slowly keep the old knowledge so we never forget -- we can break each others wash mind control for each other

But I know brandenburg concerto number five-- I just know from my intuition when I read Douglas Adam's it is either a map or something unknown that wasn't told. I don't know music well enough. It might be my mind control. All I can figure out is what I already know, a tiny little bit about.

If I raise my middle finger gently it is love -- it is my heart Nadi

With help from AI


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