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poker face - from the static plastic blinds 

Floating in the cities pressure currents, small, free and alive.

Absorbing my static chair, getting static stuck.

Buttons burn my skin,

snap crackle pop they’re electric.

The Joker floats in my windows reflection. I giggle, sound always brings a smile.

absorb the rhythm of a friends eyes, energy from their nails,



origional sin? 

A respectful doctor wouldn’t click their static plastic  pen at a patient, wouldn’t distrust or hate - I absorb that too.

is he malicious?  - because he is aware.

White truck every time I look up

 sweet heart your sound “they’re” going to take you away. 

If I knew then, what I know now.

”they” don’t know what causes it?

Magnetic Uniforms floating me off my sixth floor balcony - 


origional sin.

Skinny swollen legs and all? Your lucky there’s still a bit of light in your eyes, we all know the t.v. is sentient and alive, communist machine.

just don’t hold your tongue

your hands curl to a beautiful hook through time, one day you’ll float again with sound 

~ just stay kind~

To my core, sounds love

Sound - your voice and my eyes

Doves cry

cloud of sound


Patterned time

Hour glass

Time keeper

Gentle soul

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Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams
Jan 20, 2023

I can sense your passion and the absolute free state of mind you must have felt while creating these pieces. Well done Kate.

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