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1) interpretation? Or delusion?

2) is subconscious thought feeling? And impulse?

3) if I saw with a birds eye, would I know and comprehend a perspective other than my own?

4) what would happen if we actually heard each other?

5) what would happen if we felt the rythym of life?

6) is there a background to everything tangible?

7) is there a background to every background?

8) Is catharsis a directed expulsion/ explosion?

9) do different gravities give us different perspectives, tones of voice and visions?

~) if i don’t hold my ground am i capable of seeing your side, and others?

~) what is good bad? right wrong? divine and against? is there an against? is it not acknowledged as a constructive plea for change?

10) does change only happen when we listen and change together? Hopefully for the more compassionate. For all the hearts.

11) Can you see yellow and blue? My work brings reason to spirit and communicates on both levels. It has always had the intention to serve maleability, and as a result gently erods some structures of untruth.

12) Can you translate intuition, is intuition by its nature unarticulate? because I think it is more refined and articulate, but different, we hold on to too simple a language and perhaps it holds us back.


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