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2022, oil on oil paper


We can and frequently do transcend our forward based positive dimension. As we move through all fractal dimensions we see and know many different views and ways of being. From backward, upside down, to inside out, from a progression of time, sounds gift, to sounds natural stillness.

If we encounter with love and acceptance from our bodies' heart, we know and transverse all dimensions in the most moral and positive light, of our way of being.

Being alive is an extraordinary gift, that we share together. Our gift in return is our bodies slow wisdom connected to all; light, sound, atom, give, receive, grow and change.

Instead of standing as conquerors or screaming from the bottom, we should see how, and what we are, and bring peace and understanding as connected translators, we are life, we can bring universal peace, within ourselves, and without.

soft scoop, 5,

diptych, 2

it comes from above, 7

true love, 6

absorb, 4

a pair of wings to fly, 8

number 9

shooting star, 1

captain, 3


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