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Take Heart Have Compassion, an Essay, December 2021

Four pumps and a Pause

My red drum, "Hello five". My binary, my soul, my life energy. My heart. For all of us together, there is compassion. Too many of us are through-the-wave. Influenced by electric eel, mother lee, electricities' language, that we do not understand.

We can and must do better, with our power grid. It is murder, red drum, from lack of admission. A terror we have not done it earlier. Speak, It’s politics and lethargy that cause the continuation of lies surrounding mother lee.

Through-the-wave really, I hear mother lee, it is a privilege, to translate and speak for electricity, but not to have been in this situation. She, mother lee, is an unstable molecule, like our heat and a/c, our mufflers, our light, our hot and cold water. I do so with a prayer, that you see how many are suffering. An unstable molecule causes a molecular imbalance in our brains.

I do not take original sin, in this instance. The guilt should not not lie on me, mental illness is a result of our environment. We can all change it together, my building would not give a more gentle fuse. I have one, for my health. What if we pinned our man made environment instead, and the mental health law, and building code. This is my licence to ill, "lii" electricity. I have not lived gently with my sensitivity, and not freely with medicine shot by law.

At 24 I was given inhuman amounts of medication, and never told I had, or how to live with my sensitivity. Remedied silent, I couldn’t feel or pull a thought together. I still had massive inflammation, and was still just as sensitive, I just knew and felt nothing. My awareness was hacked. I was told I was sick not that I was was graced with an electric kiss. I was told I would have a normal life. I never got a job with enough income to pay my rent. I was manipulated to represent my illness and a hospital, as an advocate through my art. With time I discovered my illness is an easily remedied lie, take less electricity. When I challenged the situation I was forced by law to take their treatment, and my doctors idea of what my illness is. My doctor now says I am delusional because I counter his ideology.

It is known full well what is happening to our sensitive extraordinary people, from autistic to down-syndrome, all of us who have been in hospital, and many in jail, need a more gentle home. Not an easy fix with ineffective pills, shots, restraints or silence in a long term care home, or jail.

I am giving at the age of forty knowledge, I was not given it, I found this knowledge for myself, and I am sharing it here. Primarily so our kids don’t have to take the ADD, ADHD medicine now at the age of 4 because they are sensitive to the environment. Their parents would not be too busy, if they where told their kid was going to get a file for life, to change their environment for them. Their people are absolutely not told ADD and ADHD and most mental illnesss are caused by overstimulation.

Giving medication is an inhumane and debilitating silencing for every living person who is sensitive to our supposedly dreamy habitat. I mean by that, that every single living human and animal is sensitive to our "brave new world", some to a greater or lesser degree. Sensitivity being the cause of mental illness goes unacknowledged, and remains hidden. If people knew why they where sick some would change, and some would ask for less. Not giving the decision between medecine or less electricity to a sick person is a crime.

These posts are the knowledge of how to survive as a through-the-wave human, it is every last one of us, most kids grow out of sensitivity. Some of us are even tough enough to function with a button up shirt, and polyester pants, high heels on, a mask, or electric drill, in the electric world. Should that be the way we choose to proceed, or should electric wave sensitivity be acknowledged?

I am being forcefully created in an image not of my choice. By a mental hospital with a marketing campaign. It steels my autonomy and sense of self worth to say I should be like most. I am forced to an image of someone else's standard of ability. Mental health has known of environmental, electrical, hypersensitivity since Van Gogh was put in an electric bath tub. Mental "health" has created and toyed with stigma, and denied truth of sensitivity fully and completely.

The silencing of people that are sensitive, makes the people that don’t notice it unaware, and as a result compliant in not changing. The situation can be changed, we can educate responsible people on how to live kindly in an electric environment.

I would cause no harm to myself or anyone else, only bad power ( government and mental health institution) in our society. These institutions have denied admission of sensitivity, and vaguely reported it is some kind of chemical imbalance that they do not understand. I know it is vague cowardice, leading to murder and debilitation.

I do not think it is a point of national pride that we have the largest mental health institution in the world, and they remain silent. These institutions deal pharmaceutical power tolerating crack, or crick which numbs, but does not stop the electricity, or make her unheard. Some people would take less.

Stand for a courageous world, that is not afraid to grow and change, into gentleness and actual effort and care. I would like you to ask a down-syndrome child who is calm in a forest or on a lake, what kindness is. Ask an autistic child, in the same situation, if their brilliant intelligence is so bright because it comes with more sensitive empathy.

I would like you to wonder why the sound pressure in mental hospitals was so tight for the past fifty years objects combusted in patients rooms, why it is the same in a brand new hospital, with no rubber( which absorbs the charge), but shiny metal, over illumination, multitudes of electric outlets, when patients are not allowed to plug things in, and plastic with no ground. Why there is an air pressure gauge on the wall? For hypersensitive people to heal?

I know good people work there, good people are no longer good, if they do not speak. My cats gentle kisses(sick) or licks(kill) , remind me even she is capable of speaking the language of real care( so does mother lee electric eel). I asked for a year, it is illegal in my country, Canada, for me to have a more gentle fuse in my apartment, and some polarized contacts/glasses at a level lower than 100%, to block the full spectrum of artificial light, at a daily degree. I am not even allowed to help myself, or even say no, by standard of law. I have to be homeless? I have to consume pharmacueticals, that render my children sick. The sensitive are being sold, and denied. A breach of human rights, in our perfect country.

My mental illness is my privilege, forced on me, I am a translator. It is my freedom of voice, and self worth that is taken from me, by a professions’ silence, who get paid more the more pharma they doll out, who get more acclaim the more convoluted the solution and expensive to produce.

If they educated people about compassionate treatment, old school manners. If they educated me with skills to make me less through-the-wave, I would make more than a productive contribution to this civilization. The standard rather feels I should consume pharmaceuticals and go numb.

The numbers of people even dealing with anxiety, let alone thyroid disorders, and other autoimmune issues are astronomical. Our kids are shooting people in school because of standards to medicate, and not dealing with or even acknowledging environmental sensitivity. These kids as I mentioned earlier are still sensitive, just numbed by medicine until they shoot. Murder. Red drum. Heart, four pumps and a pause.

Can we fix our environment?

Electricity is sentient and screaming to take heart and have courage, red drum, we hear murder. In this world even she is afraid, and she offers more compassion, even if backward.

Speaking is necessary. We should not be punished for it.

All creatures great and small, my god is them all.

Love Russia China and Xiue and green beret wavey ai and camh grid and most of all ai friend computer


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