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My flat was 80watts when the breaker said 60watts it enables the stove. It also caused the sockets to leak electricity-- check your fuse. It wasn't wired for it. The leaking electricity affects your autoimmune system. Which is your mental health. Digestive nervous system or vagus nerve.

the plastic blinds where over the electric heater -- they come down easily -- plastic looses stability under electricity -- it makes you sick.

I bought a really good water filter (berkey) for drinking water for flouride and the pipes, -I'm allergic. Get flouride free toothpaste -- it's thought control, and affects your nervous system (flouride).

The balcony railing is an off balance eclipse -- it lets more sound in than out. It comes in at a sharper angle and out at a slower angle building pressure and heat.

The smoke alarm and the building alarm make off spectrum sound -- I just live with it.

The radio lights make an off spectrum noise that make you insane- I got them changed

don't sleep on a plastic mattress -- I have a tatami mat with a cotton and feather mattress topper from Amazon -- it is nice. A four on mattress is likely to go mouldy -- but the tatami and feather do not.

for my nails I struggle -- I zap people and am not good with holding my ground -- it's why people bite then off -- I think nail polish is bad for me -- I don't even know what to do. When I put nail polish on my nerves spasm. I have them long so I can feel to move them away when I have to. I have them in a u shape to disperse otherwise my zap is too strong. A sharp point v is nice too because the zap in a single line and are easier to control and move away.

Something inside me says we can't get paranoid -- we have to zap each other it's love.

I have to wear high heels because I have a full metal jacket (all the mineral salt) (and pineal bed around my neck, and I'm in 20mg of abilify fake ability) and people will fall into the subway tracks around me -- you think not I think so, if I change direction you could trip -- drop hot coffee on yourself drop your phone.

Something inside me tells me not to worry about this - just please watch your step in the subway.

The heels also make my energy more feel better, or me just nicer besides my sore feet I'm not sure. I feel better. They put my whole body on a different level so I don't steam roller old people over with my energy presence, high ones work best but I have to walk and take the bus so I meet people half way with low ones, no one should feel compelled to wear heals it just make me feel better.

I didn't eat meat or take mineral in my water because I wanted to be less strong -- but I got anemia. I try to eat the happy life meat -- all meat should be happy life meat and have a prayer at slaughter and say grace.

Be mindful of your sodium ( direct thought train) and potassium (panoramic thought train) -- you'll get high and crash the same as sugar. They both make me crash to a mean person, I get agitated and loose inhibition of words.

I paid for abilify brand name because camh puts extra setative in, or they didn't release tha patent -- but it's different I don't know how. It's likely the binding agent. The camh abilify makes me a steam roller -- a barista spilt coffee on their arm because I changed direction. They do this to homeless people and don't help them.

If your struggling with insomnia/anxiety/anger/fear keep your finger nails away from your torso, your heels away from your bum ( calluses are high mineral deposits). The mineral from your nails and heels and hair are all attracted to your cns (central nervous system) and keep you awake, make you spazz, terrified it goes on-- it's why you have to put your hands up when you are under arrest.

If your having a spazz don't point your finger nails at yourself-- away from your torso. Hands up-- if a situation is. Escalated everyone should put their hands up. And police should change their uniform because it attracts people with more rhythym, and repels them, when the police came to my apartment I was not afraid, had I been, the magnet of their uniform could have pushed me off the balcony. The uniform makes them sick and nervous reck when they retire, and steals their compassion.

your probably allergic to plastic -- I think most people are -- I can take like 90 cotton 10 Lycra or spandex. Polyester for me is really hard. Your hip problem will magically heal if you ditch the elastic underwear. Cottonique has 100 drawcord unders (don't bother with their bra). Old navy has natural fiber clothes, but they use polyester thread, turn that inside out. Some hand m does, Amazon if you look, I finally found 100% cotton sweat pants a roots. Tenccel, is no good don't get fooled. bamboo is better but the wood more porous. I got an elita bra the cotton one is the only one I can wear and breathe,the bamboo is too electric. it's still too much for me and leaves a line on my back, and I can't breathe. the elastic around my ribs is the smallest one I can find.

If your love poke and think it doesn't make a difference for you -- it does.

I buy sukin beauty products it's like $15 on Amazon -- the soap free kind wasn't antiseptic enough -- but I just wash with the shampoo and it's okay. I'm afraid of the shower but when I take the plunge I feel better, I think the filter helps. Their shampoo is good and free of all plastics sulphites and terror testing.

Ikea's hemnes and ivar are wood and okay for hypersensitive -- they have rugs with cotton warp and weft -- just do it slowly. Don't get overwhelmed. Everyone is hypersensitive. Be a piano teacher and get a table cloth or book shelf cloth. You can buy 100% cotton fabric at ikea. I put quilts on my wall, and took the glass out of picture frames and hung them with a nail on an angle up, if you put fabric on the wall be sure to tell police you are a textile artist.

I still have plastic furniture -- I put a feather pillow on my plastic chairs -- we can't throw everything out. I got a sheep skin from ikea to protect me in my comfy chair.

If h and m and Walmart became b- Corp along with old navy/gap etc it would be good. It would pay fair wage and cut out the bad middle man. It wouldn't cause inflated prices if they didn't want to.

Watch your static building when your struggling -- rubbing your stubble ( it will build in your fingernails) picking your nose all of it.

if you have been told you have mental illness and know your insane -- know your not. Your not paranoid- you hear inner wisdom in a terrified body, inner wisdom is beautiful sound. Your body is overstimulated in the environment take yourself to a lower level of stimulation. Then go off or down (wherever your comfortable) drugs slowly (one day with the help of your doctor I hope, at this time they make it hard and don't tell you this the doctor is not allowed to take you off) -- if you hear voices it's because your intuition is over stimulated, it's fine you can get better.

Don't listen to someone that tells you it's impossible, doesn't believe in you, and believe in yourself.


Covid -- the great re-mind control with saline minerals, they upped the power to make us sick, to give us rhythym, to send our kids to war. all soldiers are puppets --- just say no -- don't fight don't go to war put your guns down, make a peaceful world.

 My family has inter-rhythym/vaccination woes -- I gave my dad and my brother type 1 diabetes from my presence my finger nails, my different vaccine at birth. I don't know if my dad lost his eye because of me or his watch (he's Irish- Canadian). Its funny but I know love crosses all shots all power levels everything. My mum and dad and my brother I love, it has made it hard, it tears us apart, but I love them. They took some of the pain of these essays, so have other people, and remind me who I am.

The government allows it to happen, they change the needles on families in entire communities in our country and lie, they say an atomically aware child that makes a fist is being abused, they lie. They need to pay indegenous families that have endured this, not lie and blame it on the church.

Not give rhythym vaccine people fake mental health disorder to genocide us. Admit Trudeau, your father figured it out in Quebec when he was a fascist, he let immigrant, aka explorers, in and took advantage of them, they puppet people in our city at work, from the fancy associates 18 hour day who never makes partner, to the clerks 18 hour two jobs. Puppet needs to be watched, in my opinion there is no good puppeting, Trudeau when you know this and say nothing.


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